(Sarah Middleton-Woolley and Nigel Smith)

You knocked me off my feet that night when I walked in through the door

There was something about you darling, something I’d never known before

I saw that look and I knew right away

My life would change from that very day



I feel like I’ve been struck by lightning

The current surging through my veins

Seeing you has been so enlightening

The question ‘What now?’ still remains


I feel the magic between us baby when I’m standing by your side

My heart is pounding and my body’s shaking when I look into your eyes

I want to touch but I’m a little scared

For love like this, I was unprepared




You take me to heaven darling, just by the way you speak

This connection between us is so unique


The way you move, the way you smile, the way you turned around

It’s such a shame that you’re miles away living so far out of town

I can’t get enough of you

What the hell am I gonna do?



Copyright 2012 Sarah Middleton-Woolley & Nigel Smith

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