(Sarah Middleton-Woolley & Nigel Smith)

Baby I can tell our days are numbered
Baby I can feel it in my bones
You got that feeling that you’re lumbered
And you don’t know how to tell me on the phone

So you say you want to see me
But I feel there’s something out of place
Baby I know this don’t feel right
Believe me

I can feel it in the air tonight
I could see it in your last short letter
Those words I can recite
And the picture is a real scene setter
So when you tell me that it’s over
Babe I already know

This way of life’s so unforgiving
The endless days out on the road
This aint the way I should be living
So hard to bear this heavy load

But that’s the price for fame and fortune
And that’s the price I gotta pay
Baby I can see the light
Believe me

Copyright 2011 Sarah Middleton-Woolley & Nigel Smith

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