(Sarah Middleton-Woolley & Nigel Smith)

I’d set my sights on a guy and give him the eye
And the next thing that I knew
You’d be walking hand in hand with him
Before the week was through
No boy wants the fat girl
Picked last for the netball team
When the girl she hangs around with
Has the figure of any boys’ dreams

You’re lonely now
You know you had a good friend in me
After all this time we’re nothing alike
And never were in all honesty

We’d arrange to meet at the end of the street
But you’d always make me wait
I’d sit there looking out for you
Hoping your just late
After half an hour
I’d walk round to your place
To find that you’d been there all day
Having fun with your other mates



I used to think you were beautiful, to be just like you I tried
I envied your looks but the truth be told, you were ugly deep inside

Eventually when I found my man
You failed to jump in first
You saw that I was movin’ on
And tried to put me in reverse
Why were you so heartless?
Causing such a mess?
You’re asking for a second chance?
I’ve washed my hands of people for less


You’re lonely now
You know you had a good friend in me
Gladly I don’t feel the same way
And never did in all honesty

Copyright 2011 Sarah Middleton-Woolley & Nigel Smith

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