(Sarah Middleton-Woolley & Nigel Smith)

The box of dolls lost in the loft

Pippa’s, with their hair cut off

They’re sort after, nevertheless

Especially in their original dress


Ladybird books were cheap back then

Now we’re buying ’em back again

People bid for them online

I’ve done it myself from time to time


I wish I’d kept them safe

Set aside for a rainy day

All those things passed through my hands

So valued now, and in demand


That Suzuki motorbike I sold

Was immaculate, though rather old

If I spotted it for sale someday

I’d buy it back again straight away


Posters pinned around my bed

Of Starsky and Hutch and Motorhead

Coloured vinyl’s and picture discs

Black and white ’70’s Adidas Kicks




I find myself wondering, whether these things still exist

Do their owners cherish them, the way that I once did?


My bullet belt, long since gone

If I had it now I couldn’t get it on

I remember everywhere I’ve been

Wearing it over my boot laced jeans


Rock band tickets, and tour T shirts

Indian print tops and gypsy skirts

Wouldn’t look out of place today

What a fool, for throwing them away

(Chorus) x2

Copyright 2012 Sarah Middleton-Woolley & Nigel Smith

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